Monday, October 8, 2007

Belated Betty Update

My friend Peter taped last Thursday's Ugly Betty for me--but with my brothers visiting this weekend, tonight was my first opportunity to watch it. This episode was not as frenetic as the season premiere, although there are still way too many storylines going on. Hilda is moving on from Santos death, Ignacio plans an escape across the border, Henry returns to Meade Publishing, Wilhelmina plots to take over Mode, Alex is tries to remember becoming Alexis, Daniel worries about his sister, Amanda becomes caretaker of her late mother's mangy mutt, Mark finds a Mini Me in new intern Justin and Betty tries to keep it all together. Whew! I know how she feels...

The episode featured a guest appearance by Vanessa Williams' ex, Rick Fox playing her not too bright boy-toy bodyguard, Dwayne. Betty breaks into Wilhelmina's apartment to retrieve "The Book" for Daniel to review and happens to catch Wilhelmina in flagrante delicto, or as Christina put it--indulging in a bit of afternoon delight. But, it was Dwayne doing more than guarding Ms. Slater's body and not her fiancé Bradford Meade. Wilhelmina offers a deal to Betty--keep quiet about her affair and she'll get Ignacio home from Mexico. Betty agonizes but decides not to spill the beans. Christina, on the other hand, does dish to Henry about the possibility that Charlie's baby may not be his.

The show ended with Henry and Betty reunited, which I was happy to see. I like these two together, but since this is a soap it's doubtful that their relationship will be smooth sailing. Look out for the rocks ahead!

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