Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes - It Runs in the Family

Ah, family! First we get the My Two Dads glimpse of Suresh, Parkman and Walker. The writers really should have titled that "Mohinder, Matt and Molly," but I guess even that would have been too cute for them...Then you have Matt and his bad daddy, who apparently can not only read people's minds (like father like son...), but bring to life their nightmares.

He slips away as Nathan and Matt wrestle with their demons in the coolest scene on the show. The intercutting was exquisite and the payoff that Matt and Nathan were not wrestling with demons but kicking the shit out of each other was the best moment of the episode. Heck, it was the best moment of the season! When Matt sets out to track down his father in Philly, Nathan wants to go along. At first Matt is dubious, but then concedes. Referring to Nathan's flying abilities, he says something about "getting there faster." To which Nathan replies, "I'm not a cargo jet!" So funny...

Continuing the family theme, Micah discovers that his cousin Monica is special like him when she unconsciously plays a duet with him on the piano. He tells her she's a muscle mimic or copycat and they go off to test the extent of her abilities. But The Company has found out Monica (from Niki perhaps?) and sent a taser-packing Mohinder to retrieve her. Before he arrived in New Orleans, however, a worried Mohinder brought the still comatose Molly to The Company for help, despite Bennet's admonishment not to. While there, he tries to free a restrained Niki, but she tells him she wants to be there--she's "sick."

Hiro's 17th century story dragged along, via voiceover as Ando translated the scrolls he sent from the past. Snore. No Alejandro and Maya--or Sylar--this epsiode. But according to the promos for next week, they'll be back. And Sylar says he's gonna kill them! Yay! Peter is still making time with Irish lass, Caitlin. A mysterious blonde (played by Kristen Bell formerly of Veronica Mars) with powers of her own shows up in Ireland looking for him. Caitlin's brother gets wind of it and tells Peter to lay low at Caitlin's flat. But when the blonde shows up at the pub doesn't get the answers she's looking for, she zaps Caitlin's brother with a thousand volts of electricity, killing him.

Meanwhile, another of Peter's powers resurfaces at Caitlin's flat as he paints a prophetic picture of him and Caitlin in Montreal. They learn of Caitlin's brothers death and both are distraught. The blonde killer talks on the phone to whomever sent her on the mission to track down Peter. She is ordered to return home. She's pissed, but gives in saying, "OK, Daddy..." And we have yet another family tie. Daddy? Who could that be? Is it Bob, who Matt's dad plans to off next? Or someone from The Company we haven't met yet?

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