Monday, October 1, 2007

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere

The fourth season of ABC's hit Desperate Housewives is off to an auspicious start. Picking up the loose threads from last season, the show then fast forwarded the plot by four weeks (which by my estimation, it's still July in Wisteria Lane...) The most pressing of the hanging (pun intended) plotlines was of course Edie's suicide. When last we saw the bitchy blonde, she was at the end of her rope (again--pun intended...) after Carlos discovered her duplicity in taking birth control pills, while allegedly trying to become pregnant with his child, and dumped her.

Of course Edie wasn't REALLY about to off herself, but merely setting the stage for Carlos to discover her at the right time and be guilted back into a relationship with her. Gotta love the manipulative maneater, huh? And I do--much better than whiny Susan, who is sure her relationship with Mike (finally together after three seasons of obstacles!) is doomed. Do the writers hate Teri Hatcher now? I don't personally know her to make a judgment, but I know she's not popular with many people. Making her character a whining headcase is sure to alienate even more people. On the bright side, maybe they'll kill her off during May sweeps and next season she can get a new show with Ellen Pompeo and Debra Messing. They can be friends who all live together, have man trouble, mom trouble and whine constantly about their lives. I know I'll watch--NOT!!! Anyway, Susan is pregnant--but is it Mike's?

Gabby and Carlos had planned to run off together on her wedding night, but Edie's "suicide" foiled that plan. Lynette was keeping her cancer a secret from her friends and family (other than Tom and her Mom, of course...) Best moments in the show: Lynette suffering nausea due to the chemo after-effects, barfs in the purse of her PTA nemesis. Later, same nemesis starts bitching at her about wimping out on a committee commitment whereupon Lynette pulls off her wig and reveals that she has cancer.

We have new neighbors on Wisteria Lane--Dana Delaney, who vies for the title of uber control freak (and red-headed vixen) with Bree, and hottie Nathan Fillion as her ob/gyn hubby. Oh, and their young daughter who was Julie's (Susan's daughter) bestest friend when they were five, but who now has no recollection of Julie or her life on Wisteria Lane. That's supposed to be very ominous--but even I can't remember who I was best friends with at age five. Of course, that was a hell of a lot longer than 12 years ago...

Bree continues to fake a pregnancy with plans to pass off her wayward daughter Danielle's child as her own when it's born. Orson continues to play the devoted husband (quite a change in character from how he was portrayed last year, eh?) and might I say, has the most FABULOUS hair EV-ER. I swear, I bet the hair people at DH spend more time on Kyle MacLachan's hair than all five of the desperate divas combined. Forget Bree's silky red tresses or Gabby's brunette mane--I want Orson's hair. Damn, I'm jealous...

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